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    It's not just an online world. Why not measure and correlate online AND offline marketing?

    Google Analytics is emerging as the gold standard of understanding site activity

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It's not just an online world. You need to track and report what’s happening in the traditional media, too.

If you need to track your marketing activities and determine the return you’re getting for your marketing dollars, Viewmark can help.

Our Viewmetrix marketing-intelligence tool is an award-winning solution that lets you capture and correlate information from many sources – both online and offline. You can then analyze and present that information so you will make good business decisions now and secure new program resources for the future. (View Agilent Technologies Case Study)

With Viewmetrix individual personalized dashboards, you get information presented the way you want it, whether it’s for your individual store, division, business unit or company. It’s an award-winning system that has helped both Fortune 500- and small, start-up companies get actionable, customer-centric information.

Companies have been amazed at how Viewmetrix leverages a variety of web-enabled reporting techniques, sorts through the data, then allows them to measure, analyze and improve their marketing strategies and tactics by tracking key performance indicators.

Now you can examine the performance of all your marketing programs, see what your customers do on the Web – and relate it directly to sales. With Viewmetrix, you’ll learn what attracts and maintains your customers’ interest and what keeps them coming back. You might even find new cross-selling opportunities.

With the right data, you can finally know when a program needs to be fine-tuned, ramped up or discontinued.

Viewmetrix will help you understand how to get the right message to the right people at the right time.

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