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Weight and Depreciate Drivers

Viewmetrix is unique in its ability to show not only event interactions, but the overall benefit and/or revenue your campaigns produce. Results can be displayed linearly based on instance, or non-linearly where events are weighted by importance. As an example, you can value the behavior of choosing to request a “white paper” higher than viewing a “banner ad.”

For benefit analysis you can examine a visitor arriving at a later stage in your sales funnel with a collection of marketing responses they have gathered over time. Each marketing driver can be credited a value based on the current event’s weight, and the time since each marketing driver was engaged.

  • Assign relative importance levels to events and drivers
  • Credit marketing activities with their adjusted contributions
  • Reduce the value of individual marketing events over time

Viewmetrix also offers the ability to assign time-based depreciation of drivers and events with their adjusted contributions for activities that occurred at any point in the marketing lifecycle. For example, an email driver gradually loses its value in the overall marketing effort over time, yet still can be credited as a user influence within a sales funnel stage.

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