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Design & Distribute Reports

Remember, there are no "one-size-fits-all" reports with Viewmetrix. Each person in your organization can receive a report that is tailored specifically for them. With Viewmetrix, new reports are easily generated using the interactive QueryBuilder.

By constructing an inquiry in the form of a sentence, this unique process intuitively leads the user through the process, and dynamically offers the sequential filtering and grouping options that make sense. Not limited to general, pre-defined parameters, Viewmetrix allows the client to define the specific attributes and attribute groupings that apply to their particular business or situation.

As a report is generated it can be saved to the user’s personal dashboard where it, and other graphic reports, are always available in an at-a-glance presentation, and are automatically updated to display the most current information.

  • Unique and interactive, making the construction of an inquiry effortless
  • Sequential grouping and filtering
  • No general, pre-defined parameters
  • Client defined attributes and attribute groupings
  • Five display type options
  • Unlimited number of report possibilities
  • Save to personalized graphic dashboard
  • Automatically updates reports on a schedule or freezes report data in time

Report parameters can be easily modified by clicking on the portion of the query sentence that needs to be changed, and making the new adjustments. There is no need to completely rebuild the query and all of its filters.

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