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    It's not just an online world. Why not measure and correlate online AND offline marketing?

    Google Analytics is emerging as the gold standard of understanding site activity

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Additional Features

Credit marketing campaigns with revenue

In an eCommerce system all the information is available electronically to close the loop between a marketing driver, a product landing page and a sale. Yet, when the marketing, sales and/or ongoing support are handled offline, Viewmetrix makes it possible to add those events and correlations to the funnel.

Revenue databases for offline sales activities can be imported into Viewmetrix and used to credit any number of associated customer touchpoints and/or marketing campaigns that resulted in that revenue. By combining this data with historical performance it is also possible to create predictive sales models as well.

Develop projected sales models

Use historical data, correlated with trend patterns to produce useful sales projection models.

Create recurring reports

This feature allows you to automatically schedule reports to run (and display within your myReports tab) with no further action or intervention. Regular report data will always be available for ongoing comparison and trend analysis. The report scheduler quickly allows you to define the time interval for each report's generation and the number of copies (editions) to archive.

Ease of integration with your current infrastructure

Viewmetrix 3.0 operates with Viewmark Cyberneering content and campaign management tools, within your current infrastructure, or as a stand-alone solution.

Help & tutorial assistance

Assistance is available to help new users get started and using the system quickly. Available by a link on all Viewmetrix pages, this function provides basic help for setting up a dashboard, creating queries and reports, as well as scheduling recurring reports.

Easy data export

Report data can be exported to Excel-compatible files, or arranged in a print-friendly format.

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