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Organic Search Marketing

You want people to find the your web pages – easily and often. That’s where Viewmark comes in. To help your audience find you on the world’s most popular search engines, we use a standardized XML format to inform major site “crawlers” about all your pages. Search engine companies like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft that have adopted the new sitemaps standard to help provide their customers with the most relevant results possible.

When search-engines “crawl” your site, they want to see:

  • Descriptive page titles, image tags and metadata
  • Time sensitive, accurate information
  • Unique content tailored to your target audience
  • Relevant keywords used appropriately and often
  • Consistent availability and management
  • No obstacles from content-management system
  • Authorized links to sites pertinent to your audience

We understand and leverage both the art and science of getting sites highly ranked. Not only on Google, but on all the major search engines and directories. Let us put our search-optimization processes to work for you.

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