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It's not just about "time spent" on your site, but "time well-spent"

A Top 10 List of benefits of usability testing

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A Top 10 List of benefits of usability testing

Usability testing is not an expense, but an investment.

Doing things right the first time, or tuning-up your present site can mean the difference between a successful customer experience, or frustration and abandonment.

  • Help discover the real needs and tasks of the user early in the design process
  • Balance graphic design with functionality
  • Provide tangible evidence for design recommendations
  • Reduce costs by anticipating and eliminating potential user roadblocks
  • Show significant cost savings through user productivity
  • Provide a competitive advantage
  • Provide more follow-on business due to satisfied customers
  • Decrease user acclimation time and errors
  • Decreased customer support costs
  • Increased user productivity

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