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Viewmark usability client list

Viewmark has worked with a variety of clients, from FORTUNE 500 to small and entrepreneurial. We specialize in interaction design analysis and full usability testing, providing heuristic, field and laboratory observation.

Our involvement can be tailored to your specific needs, from lab-only rental, to full-scale discovery, test plan creation, user recruitment, scenario development, testing facilitation, and final report findings and recommendations.

A partial list of clients includes:

Agilent Technologies
From web sites, to transaction portals.

Frontier Airlines
Viewmark helped this growing national airline understand how its customers used its online ticketing engine, and ways to improve business on the web.

McKesson Provider Technologies
Interface design testing for a new line of in-hospital care software.

Heuristic evaluation, focus groups and recommendations.

Pikes Peak Learning Company
User interface testing for this online learning firm, targeted at high school age site visitors.

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