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It's not just about "time spent" on your site, but "time well-spent"

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It's not just about "time spent" on your site, but "time well-spent"

You've heard a lot about how some businesses boast that statistics show that users on their site spend a lot of time per visit. In one way that can be good.

However, if most of their time spent is searching for information, trying links, hunting for clues, and delaying the point of a critical interaction, then the "time spent" statistic is meaningless. In fact, the longer a user takes in getting to the page or data they want, the greater the chance they will abandon your site altogether. How can you justify a lost opportunity?

To make a Web site successful means delivering content, calls-to-action and links quickly and intuitively. In this way, "time spent" on your site is time the user invests in learning more about you.

Few companies deeply understand and anticipate their customer's behavior, often centering their Web strategies around products rather than their customers' desires and needs.

Usability testing allows you to build interaction experiences which speak the customer's language, supports their expectations, and drives a deeper, more fulfilling relationship with them.

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