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Multi-Language Web Site Content Delivery

Business today is still conducted in many tongues. Consumers as well as web searchers tend to gravitate to companies that relate to them, especially in their language.

Viewmark's Cyberneering Content Management System is available with functionality to allow content administrators around the world to customize page content (text and images) to their region and local language. When installed, all site pages can be segregated and user-translated into virtually any foreign language (including double-byte).

Cyberneering™ can personalize the delivery of all language-specific content to specific users. This personalized content approach can help companies speak more efficiently to different audiences and purposes by delivering the most relevant information to the user thereby enhancing overall customer value. This delivers a quick, relevant and relatable user experience.

To learn more about Viewmark web site language and personalization features, select a link (at right) or contact us for more specific information about our content management system features.

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