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    Google Analytics is emerging as the gold standard of understanding site activity

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Google Analytics is emerging as the gold standard of understanding site activity

At Viewmark, search engine marketing professionals use Google Analytics for general purpose web site analytics. The robust features, price and the ability to integrate with P4P vendors like Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and Adcenter make it hard to ignore.

In 2005 Google bought Urchin, a well-known and established web analytics firm. They've now rebranded the product and made it available for SEMs for virtually no charge. Unfortunately, there isn't a API to directly access the reporting data; however, reports can be exported into an intermediate format.

At Viewmark we use Google Analytics to supplement Viewmetrix, Viewmark's proprietary marketing performance measurement solution. Google Analytics is very good at providing detailed information on web site metrics while Viewmetrix collects, cleans and saves data into a powerful marketing data warehouse.

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