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Software is more about people than machines

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Software is more about people than machines

Using classic experiments in social psychology, Stanford University and MIT’s Media Lab have shown that humans interact with computers (web sites and software interfaces) in much the same way as they would with each other.

This is remarkably profound because if we want people to like and interact well with the software (and interface) we need to develop it to have the same qualities we find likeable within a given persona.

To do this requires forethought, research, and strategic thinking. Formulating a well-planned software strategy is comparable to setting the points of your compass before embarking on a journey. It reflects the research and planning necessary for a successful voyage, and offers documented and justifiable reasoning for all decisions that will be made in the future.

Viewmark understands the foundation of any strategy, whether it is intended for the web or as a software user interface, is to clearly understand the audience; its presumptions, wants, needs, desires and expectations. To help translate these rather vague attributes to working models we would compile your existing research data into user personas. In some cases, and depending upon the use-cases, there may be a need to develop for multiple personas, determined by research findings and Viewmark recommendations.

Software / web interface qualities that we believe are important for targeted users may include:
  • The software (web site) is forthcoming
  • The software (web site) has common sense
  • The software (web site) is trustworthy
  • The software (web site) anticipates my needs
  • The software (web site) differentiates me
  • The software (web site) is responsive
  • The software (web site) is interested in me
  • The software (web site) is up to date
  • The software (web site) is perceptive
  • The software (web site) is well informed
  • The software (web site) is state of the art
  • The software (web site) is self-confident

Viewmark software development depends heavily on gaining greater insight to existing strategies, initiatives and objectives. This understanding will assure alignment with current programs and overall goals.

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