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System Examples

Charlie Palmer Restaurants (Las Vegas, New York, Washington, D.C.)
These world-renowned restaurants turned to Viewmark to create and allow for the management of their wireless eWinebook.

Developed specifically for display on wireless tablets within each restaurant's dining room, content is strictly formatted for ease of navigation, intuitive "next-step" choices, "you-are-here" waypoint markers and fast response time.

At the heart of the system is a highly-secure, web-based administration portal, where all content is managed. Sommeliers can add wines to categories, create / modify / cross-pollinate those categories, assign prices, SKU numbers, and provide descriptions and more.

The system is currently in use at AUREOLE in the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas, AUREOLE New York on the Upper East Side, and CHARLIE PALMER STEAK on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C.

Hewlett-Packard My HP Club
Hewlett-Packard wanted to develop a centrally-managed web portal for its HP Pavillion and Compaq Presario computer owners which would become a "community-of-users" and deliver timely content and offers geared to their needs.

The entire web process needed to be managed and administered by HP's marketing agency. Having limited web skills, the agency needed to be able to insert and delete stories, change navigation, create specific landing pages for channel partner offers, and track opt-ins. Regular incentives for upgrades or new products would be included, along with special offers from channel partners.

The two sites Viewmark developed, used separately-branded graphic templates and populated all content dynamically from the Viewmark Cyberneering database engine. A series of templates formed the structure for presentation based upon the user's entry point or navigational level. All landing pages, sections, stories and channel partner offers are defined by a series of cascading style sheets that adhere to the HP and Compaq's web graphic guidelines.

The agency was given an administration portal where they could add or delete content and images directly from their offices to a development site, allowing Hewlett-Packard the ability to approve all content prior to each site going live.

Jabber (IM Software Developer)
A leader in the secure instant messaging / presence management software industry, Jabber has been using Viewmark's Cyberneering Content Management System for years.

Developed in-tandem with their design agency for graphic layout and display, the site is completely administered by in-house personnel, and offers such features as registration, restricted content, video-on-demand, custom lead-grading of inquiries, and online blogs.

Agilent Nanotechnology
As part of Agilent's Chemical Division, the Nanotechnology site, running on the Viewmark CMS, provides a central portal for all nano-related products in an easy to navigate experience.

The fly-out navigation allows engineering customers to quickly find the category of products they are interested in, and drive to a comparison table containing equipment, specifications, data sheets, brochures and product links.

All content is centrally-managed and can be customized for region-specific lanuages.

Pikes Peak Learning Systems
The challenge for an outstanding content management solution is flexibility.

Pikes Peak Learning, which provides user-specific, progressive training for youth as they plan their futures, found the optimal solution with Viewmark's Cyberneering CMS.

Built on a per-user subscription model, all content is "tiered" to fit a specific user log-in profile, and presents content based upon their status, progression within the online coursework, and approval of instructors.

Intuitive questioning, through forms, selections and yes/no responses automatically move the user to the next logical step in the process. Answers given in earlier phases come back later in the program to help form the experience to the user, within context.

The entire site is managed in-house at Pikes Peak Learning, via a secure web-based administration portal.

Using Viewmetrix measurement tools, all pathways and responses of each student can be carefully monitored, and trends spotted for follow-up and further investigation.

Baby Einstein
Viewmark is proud of its long association with the founders of Baby Einstein, Bill Clark and Julie Aigner-Clark.

In the company's infancy (1997) they turned to Viewmark's Content Management System to help them create an engaging web site experience that supported the company's brand, offered an intuitive pathway to products and online purchases of their VHS tapes and books, and ways to engage the user that would drive repeat business over time.

Five years, ten videos and 30 children's books later, Julie sold Baby Einstein to The Walt Disney Company. In the year of the acquisition the company's sales exceeded $20 million and Baby Einstein branded products could be found at specialty and mass retailers nationwide.

Agilent Technologies Used Test Equipment
In a robust implementation of the Viewmark Content Management System, Agilent Technologies Used Test Equipment site is available in multiple languages, primarily in Asia.

These double-byte languages, along with English for non-Asian visitors, are monitored and administered by managers within in these individual regions.

The site combines the power of the Cyberneering CMS with a product database consisting of product information, images, links and other special data. The display of the inventory and daily specials are controlled from a manager in Europe via a secure data feed which automatically places content in categories for display (or hide), as well as populates "most wanted products" and other promotions.

A site-specific search mechanism helps users locate specific products based on a wide array of criteria and filtering.

Agilent Technologies System Developers Center
Localized and managed by 18 countries worldwide, the Agilent System Developer Center site is a one-stop portal for test engineers.

Text, images, links and other site data is "translated" by regions to suit their individual needs and marketing programs.

The site is updated on a regular basis, using an editorial calendar. Site administrators contribute new content within the calendar window, and can have others review changes via a staging site prior to pushing live.

Central City Opera
One of the nation's oldest and most-respected opera companies stays in-touch with its audience by providing a content-rich web site experience that is constantly updated with fresh news and information.

Because of its somewhat remote location in the mountains just west of Denver, Colorado, Central City Opera depends heavily on the Cyberneering Content Management System to deliver relevant information to its subscribers, as well as the general public (who often travel within the United States to attend performances).

Audio clips, video samples, and video classroom presentations are available to help drive visitors back to the site throughout the year, and during the off-season months. An automated eNewsletter, built as part of the content management system, keeps monthly contact with a variety of users who have opted-in for information based on their preferences and profiles.

Additionally, Central City Opera uses Cyberneering to sell tickets and gifts online, using real-time credit card authorization and opportunities for up-selling and cross-selling.

Forbes Real Estate Group
In a textbook application of integrating data feeds with a content management system, the Forbes Real Estate Group uses Cyberneering to tailor search results to the interests of the user.

A scheduled feed from a syndication provider populates all properties in the database and provides for integration of images, 360-degree VR tours, and more. Additionally, the lead-generation system forwards web site inquiries to Forbes' broker associates in a controlled order for follow-up.

The site's search functionality allows for a high-level search by geography, property type, and price. Advanced search allows for greater filtering, as well as comparison views for as many as four properties at a time. Site visitors can create their "own" page where they can place properties for later viewing and examination.

Main page property images (featured properties) rotate randomly upon page-refresh, as do broker profiles; presenting a new appearance each time a visitor returns to the site.

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