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eCommerce / Online Stores

Viewmark has proven experience developing customized eCommerce solutions for a variety of companies who cannot depend on the one-size-fits-all features of standard off-the-shelf software solutions.

In particular, our commerce engine for Baby Einstein has booked more than $100,000 to $200,000 orders in a given week. (view Baby Einstein eCommerce Case Study)

Additionally, we have built customized eCommerce stores for companies including Agilent Technologies, SpectraLink, Central City Opera, Pikes Peak Learning Company and others.

Viewmark's intuitive, reliable and secure eCommerce software allows for fast updates, inventory display by user identification, discounts and promotions, and bull back-end reporting. Reports are provided online, and include:

  • An inventory report
  • A summary of credit card orders
  • A summary of internal transaction orders
  • A report that details how much of each item was ordered in a given period

The transaction process completes two functions: transaction authorization and transferring payment from the customer's account to yours. This means all e-Commerce functionality takes place on your site, without the need for unnecessary re-directs to a 3rd party, causing user concern and abandonment. Additionally, your online store maintains a consistent look-and-feel, and requires fewer "clicks" on the part of the user.

The Viewmark eCommerce software can also offer up-selling suggestions to increase order totals, as well as full back-end inventory and pricing management.

To learn more about Viewmark eCommerce and content management systems, select a link (at right) or contact us for more specific information.

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