Online and Offline

Drive More Sales - It's not just an online world. Why not measure and correlate online AND offline marketing?

Can you tell if your ONLINE marketing campaigns are driving the OFFLINE sales of products or services?

Can you tell if your traditional OFFLINE marketing campaigns are driving ONLINE engagements?

There are two worlds out there: ONLINE and OFFLINE. Unless you can truly understand and measure the effect that each has on each other, and both have on the consumer or business, you may not be judging your marketing campaigns correctly.

Analytic programs have been measuring business performance for decades. In the online world, a whole series of web analytic vendors have emerged to analyze web traffic. Offline systems are very often disparate and require ETLs and data warehousing to integrate information across the enterprise. Campaign management is used to evaluate and maintain the success of a company's online and offline marketing programs.

The challenge has been to provide relevant actionable metrics in a consistent and manageable way. Many companies are now driving offline customers online in an effort to correlate and align their marketing performance measurement and using Marketing Scorecards to monitor the performance of their overall marketing efforts.