Speak Their Language - By personalizing, you can talk to a user one-on-one

Knowing your site’s visitor and a little bit about them can help turn them into a regular visitor to your site.

By creating either a simple opt-in form or an elaborate profile registration process, a site can discern the types of issues the user is interested in. With this knowledge the site can automatically develop a custom experience for them by presenting content specifically addressing their profile and needs.

They may be greeted by name and presented a "home page" tailored specifically for them, or speak to them in their native language. The site’s look, feel and content could be adjusted to present itself as if it was talking directly to them. The benefit of personalization means a reduction in frustration levels on the part of the user having to "hunt" for materials they’re interested in; instead, delivering a quick, relevant and responsive user experience. It also allows you to gather important information about your customer base for closer examination about their preferences and concerns.

In every business success depends on how well you know your audience. But actions speak louder than words, and a web site that personalizes content to their profile or expectations can pay big dividens in customer satisfaction, intent-to-return, and liklihood of an engagement