Tailor Made Processes - Las Vegas restaurant selects Viewmark for eWinetower project

If you've ever dined at one of the Charlie Palmer Restaurants in Las Vegas, New York or Washington D.C., you know that it's not just the cutting-edge cuisine that it's known for, but the entire dining experience. In his signature establishment within the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Resort in Las Vegas, Palmer's AUREOLE has attracted the most discriminating clientele, and been given the highest accolades.

At the center of attention in this restaurant is the famous "Winetower" that stands 42-feet tall, and contains thousands of bottles of wine. As a diner makes a selection, a wine angel travels to the exact spot on the tower to retrieve it for the sommelier and, ultimately, for the patron.

If that were not enough, each table can browse an enormous wine list via a wireless electronic tablet in order to learn more about the offerings, and make several selections to discuss with the sommelier.

Viewmark was asked to develop new software and code for their "eWinebook" that allowed customers to view the wine list according to their own preferences and interests. Each interface was engineered to displayed effortlessly and intuitively, while allowing restaurant administrators the ease and flexibility to modify all inventory, pricing, categorization and more.

Functionality was developed to allow sorting by multiple criteria (such as "price" or "vintage"), user selection of wines into a personal holding bin, for later review and comparison, selection by wine "type," glass or bottle, "country," "category," "varietal," "bottle size" and more. Additionally, daily backup and recovery mechanisms were built-into the system.

Viewmark's software is now in-use in Las Vegas as well as in AUREOLE in New York and Charlie Palmer Steak in Washington, D.C. The entire project was scoped, designed, engineered and deployed in 30 days.