Can Customers Find You?

Improve Web Visibility - Half the battle is making sure the "right" people can find you...your customers

It appears your online marketing program is getting broad exposure!

Looking at your statistics, you've reached thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of "eyeballs" in the last 30 days! Looks like that big-budget online campaign has done its work. Time to break-out the champagne! Get ready for that promotion, and a bigger office!

But wait!

That marvelous campaign has only generated a trickle of clicks to your offer and/or web site. Where are all the people? What happened to the orders? The inquiries? Where's the ROI?

Welcome to the world of highly targeted media, where a campaign handled similar to traditional media can end-up a huge disappointment. Even "targeted" media like lifestyle magazines, or zip-code-based direct mail can miss the mark by miles. Just because you live in a certain zip code doesn't guarantee that you would buy, or even need someone's product. That's where the Web makes it's big departure from traditional media.

With today's analytics, measurement software, and content management tools it's more about seeking a potentially smaller, highly-targeted (and receptive) audience, than a large and disinterested one.

Rather than employing traditional media's model of "reach and frequency" for web-based marketing programs, the smart money is on methods that deliver highly-relevant traffic; eyeballs that have a predisposition to buy what you have to offer.

Viewmark online marketing services concentrate all efforts to understanding your target audience, learning where they go often on the web, and how (and when) to best reach them. Plus, we offer state-of-the-art measurement of those efforts, to assure that we're achieving your goals, and to make adjustments over the life of the campaign.

You shouldn't be wasting any of your precious marketing budget dollars by selling "pearls to a gorilla." Viewmark can help you zero-in on the right customers, and achieve your marketing objectives in a measurable and cost-effective way.