Social Network Marketing

Improve Web Visibility - Web marketing also means social network marketing

The Web you see today is for most parts, a glorified television channel, a one-way “push” mechanism for companies to provide information to their users. It has become increasingly more difficult to breakthrough all the noise. Internet users are turning to “pull” mechanisms to eliminate the clutter from the exploding silos of information.

In our on-demand world people expect to receive information on their terms. To accomplish this, they are using feed readers, personalized portals and social networking to tune out the noise and retrieve information that is important to them, when and how they want it. Blogs can be a powerful way to reach this audience.

Tim Bernes-Lee first mentions the Semantic Web in the mid 1990s. The vision was to create an efficient way of representing data on the World Wide Web as a globally linked database. Read more about Viewmark's approach to social network marketing.