Custom Software Development


Off-the-shelf software often ends up costing more to implement, upgrade and maintain than customized solutions. They also rarely offer the precise functionality, operability and back-end elements that meet the demands of businesses with unique requirements.

Viewmark custom software development assures you of a solution with your entire business in-mind, with the ability to grow, scale, adapt and migrate as your business grows, and needs change.

Custom Software Development

We have lots of expertise creating successful software implementations for companies (large and small) in various phases of product development

These competencies include:

  • Purpose strategy development
  • Information architecture
  • Topology / taxonomy
  • Messaging integration
  • Design template structure
  • Data modeling
  • Back-end technology integration
  • Custom interface options
  • Design validation

Viewmark developed Cyberneering as a method for creating websites and, when appropriate, to leverage software from various Viewmark projects as reusable objects. The goal was to create a more efficient development process while providing customers with the option of licensing a core set of application functionality. The methodology allows our development team to focus on applications, and seamlessly provide additional features to licensed customers. We believe this process has reduced our time to project completion and makes our processes more scaleable.

Our underlying technical principles include:

  • W3C (HTTP, HTML, XML, CSS, CGI, etc.)
  • A flexible database model
  • Separate application software from pages through forms and directives
  • Separate form from content using templates, CSS and includes
  • Export content for compatibility assurance

Our software solutions complement each other and continue to evolve. Registration, eCommerce and other features use ROI and user data is provided to the content engine for tiered and personalized content via session IDs. The main benefit of this hybrid approach for our customers is flexibility. The main benefit of the Cyberneering solution is reduced cost and time to deployment.

The strength of our technology department comes from the background and experience of our Chief Technology Officer, Sverre Froyen. A Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Stanford University, he heads up the technical team at Viewmark. Sverre has more than 25 years of experience in computational modeling as well as extensive background in computers involving algorithmic development, programming, system and network administration. He has thorough knowledge of Internet protocols and security including authentication, encryption, e-commerce and database integration.

Our diverse workforce, dedicated to a customer-first philosophy, encourages the development of a broad spectrum of ideas and solutions. Our technical team consists of software experts, most of which come from an engineering related field or have been in the computer industry for over 15 years. The technical team has experience and direct access to most systems for development and integration.

Viewmark offers the right people, tools, knowledge and experience to help you achieve your objectives and increase your return-on-investment.