Multi-Language Websites


See how one company's web site talks across a variety of languages

When you're a worldwide company, as Agilent Technologies is, your customers can be in Boston or Bangkok. They do not assume that all business in these regions is transacted in English. They also feel that customer needs, offers, inquiries and product information must be tailored to specific countries and regions. And, who better to control that content than managers and editors within those local regions?

The Viewmark Cyberneering Content Management System offered Agilent precisely the functionality, control and security it needed to allow a site to have multiple "owners," translate the content and images into the local language, and have it reviewed prior to going "live." The system was configured to support 18 regions, including double-byte languages and character sets.

Developed for ease-of-use, the local region needs only to log-in with their regional username and password, then "point-and-click" to edit material on the pages. There is no formatting necessary; no knowledge of HTML code. The style sheets have been implemented to support the overall design guidelines and mandates of the corporation, making content management by persons of different skill levels and aptitudes easy.