Pay for Performance

Marketing - Pay for Performance

Pay-for-performance search engine advertising is based on a simple principle: you pay to be listed. Often, "P4P" marketing is used to gain immediate visibility as a web site is undergoing optimization for organic (free) search ranking, or to reach-out to a specific target audience.

Your business has a series of key words that refer to your business. Your customers use these words when they're performing a search on the major search portals such as GOOGLE, AOL, MSN, Yahoo and others. Using P4P marketing, if you've bid on one of those keywords for your company's web site, the highest bidder's listing appears first in the results; lower bidders follow. However, unlike other forms of advertising based on exposure (or impressions), you only pay the amount of your bid when a customer clicks on your listing in the search results.

Our process to deeply research keywords for attracting a target audience, and methods to accurately place drivers in key positions can result in highly relevant search rankings and delivery of highly-qualified traffic. This method offers the greatest potential of attracting and converting the targeted search audience. We continuously monitor and adjust them to maximize their delivery and effectiveness. Our relationships with the Google and overture search networks assure the best rates and quickest search posting.

Viewmark works closely with you to develop the keywords that have the greatest potential of attracting your targeted search audience. We begin all programs with an examination of all search engine alternatives to determine the optimum mix. Then we continuously monitor and adjust them to maximize their delivery effectiveness. Our relationship with the major search engine networks assure the best rates, and quickest search posting.

Viewmark pay for performance marketing benefits:

  • Your web site is instantly ranked number one (or two or three, depending on your strategy) on all the major search engines and their affiliates
  • You only pay your bid amount when a user clicks through to your web site
  • You receive highly-qualified traffic because you're ranked high when users are searching for your specific product, service or information
  • Viewmark can display and adjust your web site's title and description text exactly as you want it
  • We can test various titles, descriptions and positions to find and maximize the best conversion results
  • Our automated software constantly monitors your listings for rank location and makes immediate adjustments to keep you in the position you want, and at the cost you want, while tracking your ROI
  • Because of our relationships with the major search engines, changes are usually instantaneous
  • The process is objective and measurable
  • You can start, stop, or re-start your ad program whenever you like