Web Strategy

Marketing - Web Strategy

Viewmark brings years of experience with Fortune 500 companies in developing marketing strategies that accomplish corporate goals, and methods to routinely measure and monitor program success and have sustainable impact.

Strategies to reach target audiences efficiently, rapidly, effectively.

  • Comprehensive discovery to define objectives and unique selling positions
  • Strategic planning tied to quantifiable goals
  • Development of key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Assembly of optimum channels and approaches to reach targets
  • Institute process for ongoing measurement and refinement

Viewmark’s strategic consulting provides business value by examining, uncovering and focusing on areas of greatest marketing potential. This includes well-researched and targeted media placement, careful keyword selection and testing, methods to optimize site content relevance, user experience, measurement of sales funnel progression and conversion-to-sales.

Typical program goals may include:

  • Increase lead generation & qualified traffic
  • Efficient and relevant information delivery
  • Increase sales transactions
  • Improve communication and incentives for better customer retention
  • Recommendations for programs and methods to improve sales funnel progression

We undergo a discovery process to clearly understand business objectives and unique differentiators. We define the target audience before assembling the best channels and approaches to reach them. We recommend strategies for offers rich in appeal, quality, relevance and strong calls-to-action. These approaches can be interwoven with our Viewmetrix™ marketing performance measurement toolset to assess effectiveness and ROI.

The strategic process involves five critical stages:

  • Discovery
  • Development of objectives
  • Creation of a strategic plan detailing goals, tactics and budget
  • Identification of key performance indicators and ongoing measurement
  • Recommendations for refinement and optimization