Custom Sales Funnel

Measurement - Custom Sales Funnels

The graphic sales funnel gives you the ability to create and view the progression of a user (or series of users) as they progress along the path from a driver to an engagement; an advertisement and a final sale.. In this highly graphic and informative way it is easy to analyze throughput and drop-offs of customers in relation to web site content and marketing drivers. Viewmetrix provides the user the ability to manipulate, or self-determine what constitutes a “stage” within their funnel. Each phase can be identified and prioritized into stages such as “impressions” “responses” “engagements” and “sales.”

Custom Sales Funnel

When a visitor clicks on a marketing driver or lands on a web page Viewmetrix begins tracking the progress of that user and correlating their actions to their ongoing responses. As users progress through the content on a site and ultimately through the stages of the sales funnel, Viewmetrix continues to collect as much additional information on each user as possible, identifying attributes throughout the process allowing for the ability to slice-and-dice the data in many ways for future examination.

Additionally, attributes can be used as filters. For example, it could be possible to examine the breakdown of drivers for a campaign, segmented by world regions, while filtering on specific products, time frames and search keywords.

  • Observe customer progression through sales chain
  • Analyze throughput and drop-off
  • User-defined stages
  • Observation from “first click” to defined “engagement”
  • Provides insight into top customer issues

Funnel stage tracking also increases insight into top customer issues, identifying where users skip stages, or by revealing potential points of funnel decay, where users become confused, lose interest, or have other reasons to abandon.