Key Performance Indicators

Measurement - Key Performance Indicators

Albert Einstein once said: "Not everything that can be counted counts.... and not everything that counts can be counted." Which is why your marketing performance measurement reports need to reflect and deliver precisely what matters to you.

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are valuable in helping companies define and measure progress toward their goals.

Key Performance Indicator

The Viewmetrix dashboard data allows individual users the ability to define KPI parameters and generate reports and graphics that regularly monitor these critical milestones.

This information helps users the manage and make smarter decisions on traffic drivers, conversion techniques, sales processes, site navigation, and content effectiveness.

  • Identification of user engagement phases
  • Measurement of the progression through those stages
  • Number of orders
  • Number of registered users
  • Repeat-visit tracking
  • Registered user tracking
  • Path analysis
  • Acquisition conversions by driver, and by cost
  • Success of incentives and offers
  • Keyword performance
  • Revenue trends and projections

Viewmetrix KPI tracking can be an effective agent in the shaping and optimizing online web initiatives, improving customer satisfaction and meeting corporate objectives.