Personalized Dashboards

Measurement - Personalized Dashboards

Different users require different reports and displays. The timing of the reports may vary widely. "One-size-fits-all" reports are too difficult to read and digest.

Personalized dashboards allow users to define their own programs and needs, customized to the exact specifications they want for their daily business routine.

Personalized Dashboard

Highly graphical and statistically detailed, all reports can be viewed either in interactive graphic forms such as data tables, pie charts, bar graphs, line charts or funnels. Graphic displays feature rollover detailing, and easy drill-down. The user can determine which format fits each need best. The Viewmetrix interactive dashboard lets you place any report you create on your Viewmetrix home page for a quick visual indication of project parameters.

A personalized dashboard easily lets you:

  • Monitor project health at a glance
  • Place commonly viewed reports up front
  • Personalize dashboard views to the individual user or business unit
  • Display reports in four graphic modes or detailed data tables
  • Reports update and archive automatically according to a schedule you specify

Every interactive graphic display can be configured as a recurring report to show the most current data, saving time and effort in regenerating the same reports daily or weekly, or archive previous reports for future recall. These graphics can be displayed as thumbnails on the dashboard for regular monitoring and review, or as data tables for export or printing.