Usability Testing

Methods - Success means anticipating the user and understanding what they expect

From your customer's perspective, your site's usability can make the difference between finding important information and making an online purchase, or becoming frustrated and going elsewhere.

  • Are navigation elements intuitive, and easy to find?
  • Do you use nomenclature that the target audience would use?
  • Are your calls-to-action prominent, and clear for their purpose?
  • Have you built your site to what the user expects to find?
  • Does your site work hard to decrease simple user errors?

As users of Web sites become more critical consumers (with higher and higher expectations!) usability becomes the strategic tool that determines a site's success.

Usability testing puts current and prototypical Web site projects or software interfaces in front of your target audience, to help identify its users' expectations.

This gold mine of data provides a key understanding into their decision making process, uncovers potential roadblocks, and provides justifiable recommendations.